Top 10 Best Online Beads and Craft Supplies in Malaysia

Few bunch of my bottle caps supplies

Hola Peeps! One of the most popular questions that people always asked me is wher did I bought all my  jewelry supplies. Well mostly I got from both online and offline stores. To be honest I actually got my stuffs from all over the place. Some of the places are least to expect whereas some requires a bit more patience and digging. For this post, I am going to make a full list  of my 10 best online beads and craft supplies where I don't ever think I will ever get tired of buying  $$$$$ ;). They do not just offer stuffs to buy but also inspiration for those who are always looking for new adventure in their art jewelry. Without further ado, here goes the lists:

I would say that is the leading for all online beading supplies in Malaysia. They offer a arrange of jewelry supplies, glass, gemstones, cabochons, seed beads, gift boxes and more. They are on the shops that carries wide variety of Swarovski crystals and jewelry making tools like bead reamer, knotting tool, and more. Their metal charms are one of the finest but easily sold out. Everytime they have sales, people would be crazy buying from them. They used to carry wide variety of lampwork beads but not anymore which I am a bit frustrated as lampwork beads are my all time favorite beads. Recently they also carry those large hole Pandora beads. The price are very reasonable as they offer mix and match discounts which means the more you buy, the more discounts you get. They used to have offline store which were opened on weekends basis but now they operate mainly on online basis.

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2. Button planet
This is where I always buy most of my buttons supplies. They are a group of really nice ladies sharing the same passion for buttons. The Best part is, they always have free gifts. They also have some of the most rare buttons that you wont get from anywhere. The price is slightly cheaper than the offline shops that I've been and if you purchase more than 6 items, you'll get extra discounts.

Picture taken from Button Planet.

3. Craftiviti (formerly known as Multifilla)
Remember our previous post on Multifilla? Well this is it. Recently they changed their name to Craftiviti. Their new online craft shop is really, really awesome. From the first page you can choose whether you want to shop by brands, materials or type of crafts. It is very well organized. I usually take a sneak peek on their online shops just to get some ideas on some crafts techniques. But most of the time I prefer to buy directly from their store. Nevertheless, their website is very much inspiring and helpful for a beader like me. I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional. The site is simple, straight to the point and easy to look at. The price is well, like I have mentioned in my previous post, is not that cheap as most rare items are not easily obtainable locally. I really appreciate the effort that thy made to bring some of the most rare items in Malaysia. They do not have much bead supplies but if you are one of those think-out-of-the-box kinda person, you will find there's a lot of things that can be made into jewelry.

Official logo of Craftiviti

4. Scrap n Crop
Ok this is not mainly a bead shop but they do have a lot of tools that can be used for jewelry making. They are specializing in scrapbooking form of art but if you look closely, you will find something useful that you can use for your jewelry making. I made my first purchase buying a textured hammer last 2 years and so far it has been one of my favorite tool. They also have unusual trinkets from other brands such as Tim Holtz, mini light bulbs, watch parts, mini hardware parts, and many raw materials that is perfect for those who love mixed media form of art and steam punk collections. However, these are not cheap and sometimes I had to think more than twice before buying. If you are the kind of person whole loves to explore on every possibilities of jewelry making, then this is the right place to go.  Their showcase gallery if I'm not mistaken is in Bangi. They are sometimes open on weekends but you have to check on their schedule on their website.


The main reason why I put these in my list is because they are one of those minor vendors that also carry Indian handmade lamp work beads in Malaysia. I love those very much and also their Czech beads. They claimed as the expertise on selling essential beads, gemstones & beading raw materials for Beadaholiques. Their Czech beads come in various forms and shapes. Their prices are quite reasonable considering not many vendors are selling these type of beads.

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7. Tamu Jaja Kraf
Tamu Jaja Kraf operates mainly from Sabah. From their website, Tamu is a Sabah local word for flea market or open market. It's a place for people to meet and trade. They offer various type of raw materials for anyone's crafting needs as well as finished products. Preorder wholesale is also available for some items. The thing that I loved the most from them is their simplicity when you just felt like go for basic stuffs. Their pictures are great and the lady behind it is also very friendly.

Picture taken from Tamu Jaja Kraf

8. Crafty Cabin
This is also one my favourite go to for my online bead supplies. Even though their charms and pendants may not be as wide variety as other websites, but I find that they always carry big size packs and their price is very satisfactory. They have loads of resin and acrylic beads. Just perfect for beginners! Due to their bulk sizes, you can share with your other beading mates or you can just sell off if you think it is too much.

Picture taken from Crafty Cabin
9. Malaysia Clay Art
One of the best clay art supplies in Malaysia. Clay art is another branch of art jewelry that I am very much interested to explore. They offer various types of clay and also the tools to work with. You can even make your own clay beads using the tools they are selling. I really love their molds very much.  You can read types of molds from my previous post here. They also have diy accessories where you can shape up the clay that you want using the settings. The settings, I would one of the most affordable settings you can get in Malaysia. They also have guide books for any new beginners in clay.

Picture taken from Malaysia Clay Art

10. Spotlight Malaysia
This is the newest addition of the famous Spotlight Malaysia. They already have several branches of their offline store and now I guess they just decide to expand by having in online too. It is also one my favorite. The price can be quite expensive unless you're a VIP member. The have promos almost every month. The beads are quite expensive and limited I guess but they do have some rare beads that you don't' see at other shops. In a way, this is still a good choice for all beaders and art lovers.

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So that's all folks, my whole top 10 most favourite online beads & crafts supplies in Malaysia. Do share in the comments below if you have your own favourites or if you ever bought from any the shops above, do share your experience too! I will write more on the offline store soon in my upcoming post. So stay tune and keep following us for more adventure on art jewelry!




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  2. Hi. So happy to have found this article ! Does any of these shop sells loose gemstone beads? I just want to make 1 bracelet. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rebecca! Glad you were here! Yes, there is. you can purchase from or or spotlight. but spotlight is slightly on the higher price. do share with us on on your masterpieces yaonce they're done! ;)

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