11 Things You Might Not Know About Us

As I am sitting here staring at my boring ex-boyfriend blog while watching the '10 Things I Hate About You', I just randomly thought of writing things that people may not know about us.

So here goes:

1. Founded in 2010 by Ms Aisyah Razin along with her 2 sisters, Sarah & Jaja. She is also a full time Project Architect working in a local consultant firm. Her passion in art jewelry designing resonates since she was 12 years old. Her first jewelry kit came all the way from Chicago as a Christmas gift from her mother’s penpal friend , Ms Danielle Wracker of over 30 years.

2. Walking through the path of art, SheDazzles passion does not only restricted in jewelries but also in other forms of art including collaging, paper crafts, card makings, etc. All of the business materials such as key tags, price tags, thank you cards are designed by themselves, even the parcel package was wrapped out of recycle drawings paper.

3. Shedazzles boasts strong flair and preference of modern arts, particularly architecture of colours, textures, forms & shapes to create the harmony balance & proportion rhythm in each designs.

4. All productions & jewelry makings only operate on weekends though there is no time limitation when it comes to designing.As time is not an essence, SheDazzles are very fortunate & grateful to have many patience customers as some of them are really willing to wait even for weeks and months to get to their turns. Depending on the complexity of the design, some design may take few hours whereas some may takes weeks.

5. SheDazzles started off with only RM200 budget, as a non-profit business to channel the work stress in a positive way. Today, SheDazzles has appeared in numerous local fashion magazines & online including Cleo, Lipstiq.comThe Edge, and Big21fashion.com, and has performed at least 5 art tutorials & interviews in Safiyya TV9. The most recent featured was in March 2015 where SheDazzles was featured as the special guest in fashion Azya Safiyya.

6. SheDazzles  had just recently voted as the Malaysia's Most Top Handmade Specialist by Tallypress.com.

7. SheDazzles are always strive for the best quality of design, time and materials. Most of the materials were bought in local beads and art shops and also online. Some of the rare materials are obtained from the most unexpected places such as hardware shops, pasar malam, and some are even from the antique treasure chests & from the back of the gardens at their own house. Nevertheless, there is no restrictions nor limitations in being creative.

8. SheDazzles had their first grand wonderful offline experience when they opened up at a booth at Malaysia Online Fasion Entrepreneur Week in 2011 at Midvalley. Out of more than 100 booths, they were crowned as one of the Top 5 Best Booth Designs. 

9. Most of the jewelry design comes in 1 piece. Remakes are definitely available depending on the materials availability. In order to maintain the exclusivity of each design, most remakes will always have a little twist and tweak here and there but still maintaining the same rhythm of the original piece.

10. Love, smile, passion & pain are the core ingredients of SheDazzles. Year 2013, was the hardest year for the team as it was the year when their most loyal & supportive fan, Mama had a stroke and was being hospitalised for a while. The team had to turn down most offers as they including an international event as they were less inspired during that time. Nevertheless, SheDazzles managed to get its feet back on the ground and pulled it over once again and even better and stronger.

Me and Mama

11. In the near future, SheDazzles hope to collaborate with other local & international fashion-centric bodies and designers who are contributing impressively towards the art jewelry fashion scene.


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