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It's almost April and so fare 2016 has been really nice to me. I hope good things will last long. Just something sweet to share with my readers (I hope I do have one), just before 2016 arrive, before the end of 2015, the article that I have been waiting for months has finally being published.
Picture taken from The Edge website
The Edge had contacted me since before Raya but the time was always not right and there is always something going on. So we managed to get the slot interview somewhere in August supposedly but the unfortunate news happen, The Edge were being banned due to some political reason of which I was kind frustrated and down as I had been really looking forward to the interview. My husband is a huge fan of The Edge and he never missed a single edition. He bought the magazine newspaper religiously every week. So he was kinda excited too.

Then since the banning news, we thought the interview was cancelled until one fine day, I received an unexpected Ms Anandhi Gopinath from The Edge called. I think it was somewhere in September, just right before I started my fitness regime. The interview was done at their HQ office in Mutiara Damansara as it was near to my office. They took some photos of me and my jewelries. I thought it was cool as it's not like everyday you'll get to visit a reporter's desk. So I was really excited and jakunis pon ada. ;)))

After several weeks I waited and just wait until at one point I did asked myself whether the article was being cancelled or did I missed the article. Well actually, I almost did missed it if it wasn't because of my friends. I received the first text from my ex-colleague, Eza who first told me that I was on the paper. Then it was followed by my other friend and surprisingly my clerk of works too.

I was really excited that, that evening I left in a hurry just to go and grab a copy. I searched almost every place that I know that sells The Edge but luck was not with me as everywhere I go it was already sold out. I was really sad and frustrated. I wish I had known it earlier.

But luckily it was on the online news. I read it and I think it was beautifully written by the writer and it made me so perasan. Really over flattering (~*blushing mode*~).

Read on for the full article of perasan me ;))))))).

Here's the link for the full article.


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