Pros and Cons of Consignment Shop

As most of you would know, I used to had 2 consignment shops where I send my stuffs to the local boutiques. I signed on the contract for a year in MakeoverNow in Pj and another half a year with Bazarro in Bangsar. Both my contract ended somewhere in the mid of 2013 and I didn't renew any of it though I was being offered to do so. Whatever that is being said here is solely based on my own experience and i m not saying that its right or wrong. But i felt that consignment is not my thing. I figured there are ups and downs, pros and cons of having consignments for any home based business.

Our rental desk at  Bazarro Bangsar



At Makeover, I had the opportunity to decorate my own table with my own flavour.

Ok, lets talk about the pros first.

1. Free promos and marketing

Well, depends on the contract that you were offered, like mine, the boutique owners do all the promos and marketing tools for me so i dont have to do it on my own. They market their place and also the brand you're carrying of which i think is really good. I did had few review by other bloggers too and light spread on magazine and newspaper which is cool for my biz.

2. No need to buy a shop

The fees are quite reasonable and depending on the size of table or allocations that you take. By expanding your online shops to offline based, your customers managed to get their hands on the actual stuffs too rather than viewing from the web only.

3. More money

You can definitely charge extra for the stuffs you sell slightly higher than what you always had. Once a while you can have special discounts and promos that you can only get at the retails.

Now, the drawbacks,

1. More time to update collections

Well I think consginments work perfectly well provided that you have time to always update your collections and it is a lot of work. Not just to design the jewelries, but time invested on tagging items, printing tags, etc, etc, etc. In short, time sucks.

2. Large volume of stuffs
Some items may not sell well and therefore you will need to create more designs and in larger volume.

Well, in my opinion consignment would benefits the retailer very much as they build fans and customers based on series of consignee fans. However, as a jewelry artist, I don't think it suits me. The need to poduce more and more within such a constrain time does not appeals to me at all and working under stress definitely does not stimulate my creative thinking at all. 

Nevertheless, consignment would still be great if you manage to overcome the number one enemy, that is time.


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