DIY - Book Collage

Today I am going to show how I collage my new note book. I have been collaging ever since I was little. This note book was given by my contractor as new year gift and I am just about to use it now as my old book has fulled. I collaged my previous note book too. You can view it here.

1. First step is to identify the overall look of the book, i.e. the background colour, the size, and also to gather other embellishments that you may want to use for collage.

2. For this time around, I decided to potray my favorite artist Ms Britney Spears as the main feature. I took one of her pictures from my personal collections. There are few pictures that I was attracted to use but I decided to use series of her pictures and combined them.
3. Try to figure out the position of where you want to put it. You can dry lay first all other embellishments as well before you start to fix them permanently. I use E6000 to glue them as they're the best. I put a piece of plastic on top of the picture to protect it but the outline is quite sharp and I dont like it. So I figured to treat the edges a bit differently by introducing the lace.
4. The handmade silhouette pictures are from my personal collections that I have kept for years for future use but never got the chance to really use them. I added some real mosaics to give the edgy look and some decodens.

So this is how the finish product. I am just so excited to bring my new note book to my next meeting. I love the energy that I am getting due to this and it gives me adrenaline. A good one tho. ;)


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