Why I Love Working with Lampwork beads

Lampwork beads. Of all the beads that I have, lampwork beads are the ones I love the most. I am not a charm enthusiast though I do use them in most of my designs but lampwork beads offers more unique experience. They are the ones that I buy and i have the most. There are several types of lampwork beads but the one that I love the most are Indian lampwork beads.

As can be seen from picture above, those are all my indian lampwork beads which i collected for quite some time and from all over the place. In general, the lampwork beads are made from glass which is melted and reform to whatever shapes that you want. It is a handmade beads and requires highly skilled technique and could also be dangerous if you are not well equipped. Due to it being handmade beads, therefore one bead is never the same with another bead. It is matched but not 100% identical. It can never beidentical especially for indian lampwork beads. This is the most unqiue charateristic that I appreciate and love the most. 

Chinese lampwork beads are more uniform in terms of shape and somehow it can look almost like they came from the same mold.

I have also lots of spots, melange, silverfoil lampworks that can be observed from above picture.

These rainbow beads are called dyed jade. Love them too! It is cheaper than the higher grades jades but i love the colors so much.

Another type of bead that I always buy are the czech beads. They originated all the way from Czech Republic and it is way more expensive.

Well, those are some of my favorite beads that I always use in my designs. I'll share more of my other supplies in other posts.


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