Trend in Mens Jewelry

"Men who have pierced ear are better prepared for marriage - they've experienced pain and bought jewelry."
-Rita Rudner

I found the qote and I though it is interesting to look into men's point of view in wearing jewelries. I do, occasionally, have mens' that buy my bracelets for their own wear. Guys buying for girls are common but for themselves is another story. 
Even celebrities are accessorizing their cool looks with jewelries. Picture taken from
At first it didn't really occured to my mind until I had my first purchase from a guy during my show at MOFEW 2011. He bought a piece of braided bracelet with beads and hardware theme that uses lots of bolts and crystal beads. 

On the original piece I actually few girly charms attach to it but he asked to replace them with a skull bead to give the masculine look. Well actually, during the show, it was not only one, buy 3 male customers were also asking about it.

The 2 pictures above are another variation of the braided collections that I had. Only this time I use beads and glass crystal instead.


This is a picture of my husband at our MOFEW booth but he's not into jewelry so much. The only thing he wears is our wedding ring.
One of my male customers who bought the braided bolt bracelet.


So that's how my journey in mens' jewelry begins. Even though my focus is more on girls jewelry but I kinda like exploring the beads and hardware theme for mens' jewelry as it compliments both genders. 

However, in my personal opinion, guys wearing bracelet are still acceptable but guys wearing earrings...not really tho.

All of these mens' jewelry are available here.

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